New Sahara range of WETor Diamond drills.

Boa will offer the best quality wax filled drills with a water cooler and a guide,  so you make the choice ? the Boa WETor range leaves it up to you , we all know wet is best! and the cooler they run the longer they last , Only Boa offers you 1 drill and two choices .. so if you want both the Boa WETor !! .

Wet or Dry or mix it up as everyone wants the best of both.


Boa Aluminium Strap Wrench in independent trial wins the Best of The best .. what can we say but a big thank you and we are proud of our latest award by the LA times no less !.  ( check out the link but don't forget to come back ! )



We have been innovating products for over 21 years, leading the way in the hand and power tool accessory market. We are proud to celebrate $1.0bn in retail sales.

We are global innovators and we aim to design products that actually solve the problems that people have everyday - from within a workshop or garage, to DIY and homelife.

Our products are multi-award winning, which is why we sell them all around the world, helping businesses with OEM Manufacturing - brand marketing and packaging for our products.

Boa Lollipop (Float)

Same great design, with the addition of a magnet!


The Lollipop is now easy to store and easy to hand!


Boa Grabit Bolt Removers

The latest of our Grabit range!


Remove any damaged bolts with ease!


DX6 Flip Drill Set

New set of 3 diamond flip drills!


Perfect for Kitchen or Bathroom refits - up to grade 5 porcelain!


Boa 9 Piece Hex Key Set

New Boa Packaging!


Regular Hex Keys with the ability to remove damaged hex screws and bolts!

Black Powder Coating

A new thick black coating for our aluminium Boa Constrictor!


Alternate colours will be available!



Fixes all threads within seconds!


New Engineering Kits available!


Boa Waterpebble

One of our offset products, the waterpebble will save water, energy and the planet. The idea comes from famous British Designer, Paul Priestman.



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Boa Housewares

Design and Innovation are key drivers that run through all of the Boa companies. This extends to our Housewares site.

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