Boa Carbide Blades



These Tungsten Carbide blades will cut faster and cleaner, delivering an outstanding performance as they cut on both the forward and back stroke. Boa's welded tip technology will not only work more efficiently than other blades, but will also give you a longer blade life. This UK manufactured product performs with less snagging and vibration, using the best UK spring steel and quality tungsten.





Great For:

Cast Iron - Aluminium - Glass - Cement - Brick - Porcelain - Quarry - Terracotta - Glazed - Terrazzo - Agglomerate - MDF - Plasterboard - PVC






- 89mm / 3 1/2"

- 101mm / 4"

- 152mm / 6"

- 203mm / 8"

- 228mm / 9"






The Tungsten Carbide blades currently only come in black.





Packaging and contents can be tailored to your order. For more information, see our services page or contact us.




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