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A snapshot of real Innovation ! .. Please think about it for a moment ...

Boa Tool Corp (BTC) has an eclectic range of products that demonstrate first hand our commitment to real innovation and the numbers speak for themselves.


Boa Constrictor 25m units sold .

Boa Grabit 13m sold.

Boa Diamond Drills 4m sold.

Canpull and Soda Snap 10m sold.

Boa Versa 750k sold.

Boa Tri Level 285k sold.


All of the above have been copied by what we call the hall of shame, thankfully there are still millions of people that only buy the original, all Boa products come with a lifetime guarantee. Our reputation is important to us, just as yours is to you.


Boa also like to put something back , therefore we have been running our promise to pay  scheme for over 10 years , helping many charities and individuals at home and across  world.

For items under £10.00 we will ship  anywhere in the world gratis with the commitment that the recipient promises to pay the Postage to a charity of their choice.






We're always happy to discuss our extensive range of products , or supplying you in your brand , you would be surprised how competitive we are for the Original products in your name  Contact us on + 44 (0) 1892 833906  # 1 or use our contact form.

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