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Boa Aluminum Strap Wrench wins Best of the Best

Wet-or range of wet or Dry Diamond drills.

New make-over packaging design.

eco  packaging reduction of plastic.









Boa launching with live demonstrations of the RTR :


Boa launch the new Boa constrictor range and the new Boa Tri-levels :





BR6 Grabit

New 6 piece set of bolt removers. Durable and reliable, this set is the best on the market! See More



RTR Engineering Kits

Our initial engineers kit is now readily available and we launch a new engineering kit with 5 heads so that the rtr is easily replaceable and affordable. This kit is made from the standard rtr that fits 90% of threads. See More





Lollipop Float

The original lollipop has been updated with a magnet in the back! The lollipop can be stored on the fridge or a magnetic surface - making it easy to reach and use. See More



Toolbank Trade Show

Boa attends the Toolbank Trade Show at the Kent Showground. A successful day exhibiting our brand new RTR - demonstrating how easy it is to use from our stall!




Everything is Online!

From Boa's award winning products to our services, everything Boa is now on our website. Take a look around and contact us for more information!





Boa launches the RTR, another world's first product. Repair any thread in seconds with our brand new tool! See More




Hex Rescue

Boa unveils the Hex Rescue, another expansion to our great extractor range. A 9 key, 2 in 1 tool that works conventionally as a hex key, and as an extractor. See More





Featured in Time Magazine

Boa Waterpebble is voted as one of the top 10 gadgets to save the planet by Time Magazine.



Another year, more innovation

Thanks to our dedicated customer base and country partners, Boa celebrates a fantastic $1.0bn in retail sales. We were once told we should be able to sell about 10,000 units - we overshot that by 24,990,000!




Cologne Fair

Boa will once again be exhibiting our products at the Cologne fair. We look forward to meeting everyone there, at our 15th attendance to the fair!




Introducing the Boa Wash A Way

The Wash A Way is the latest innovation by Boa, a great decorating product, cleaning your brushes and rollers within seconds. See More




A new 6 piece Diamond Drill set

Boa continues to expand their range of Diamond Drills and Holesaws. See More



Celebrating 21 years of innovation

We have been going strong for these 21 years, and will continue to innovate for another 21 years!





Boa continues to update their youtube channel with more videos, so that you can see our products in action before you buy them! Take a look at our videos here.



Celebrating 20 years of work

1994 - 2014, Boa has continued to innovate, with our original Boa Constrictor having sold 25 million in 42 countries.




Boa Waterpebble

The waterpebble is featured in the London Design Seminar. Uk manufacturing of the product gathers pace as this new concept identifies the best manufacturing process for both energy and water conservation. See More




Cologne Fair

Boa will once again be in attendance at the Cologne fair. We will be exhibiting some of our latest products. Make sure to come and see our stall for some real innovation!




Diamond Drills & Holesaws

Boa expands its diamond coating and brazing range and commits to UK manufacturing of the range. We offer Holesaws and Reciprocating Blades in the diamond and brazed range. See More




OEM Manufacturing

Boa leads the way in OEM Manufacturing, customising our products to your company brand  and producing bespoke packaging. See More

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