Boa Water Dispensing System



Another innovation by Boa, the water dispenser extends the life of all of our diamond drills. It's easy to use; simply attach the product to the surface you're drilling - using the suction pads on the reverse - fill the capsule with water and taking out the lower plug before using the guide holes to drill.





The Water Dispensing System can be used by all our Diamond Drills - 5 - 10mm / 3/16" - 3/8".






Boa uses orange and blue for our water dispensers, however other colours can be made available, and tailored to your order.





The Water Dispensing System can be sold separartly, however we do also sell them packaged with some of our Diamond Drills.





To find out more about ordering with us, see our services or contact us.






See our video below for the Boa Water Dispensing System





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