Product Development


We will work together to develop your product concept


Your initial product concept will become a reality


We will work with you to design and innovate packaging to suit the products

Bring to Market

The product will be brought to market with the ability of our team, and turned into a success


Our team will help promote the products, using online platforms, videos, brochures and more


We will sell the products to distributers and help them to become a global success

The team at Boa like a challenge and to go beyond "standardised thinking": looking at products and market sectors in an inventive and original way.




We work closely with builders, plumbers, electricians, construction and maitenance engineers to understand the issues and challenges they face in their working day.




We then look to solve these problems - not by making a cheaper, different coloured version of the same product that still does not solve the issue - but, by really addressing those difficult jobs that are tricky to tackle and time consuming to undertake.




Boa will continue to bring real solutions to the hand and power tool sector; developing products that not only work better, but also stand the test of time.



Our pioneering range of products set new industry standards. Our expertise in product development enables us to supply the biggest names in the hand/power tool and accessories market.








To view our range of world first designs, see our products page.


Ready to Discuss?

For any concept ideas ready for product development contact:


We're always excited to see new ideas and look forward to getting the ball rolling on your concept.



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