Boa Lollipop (Orange, Blue, Green, Purple, Red)
Boa Lollipop with coloured handle (Red, Blue, Purple, Orange, Green)
Boa Lollipop Float (Red)
Boa Lollipop Float (Red)

Boa Lollipop



The Boa Lollipop is our colourful range of constrictors that are perfect for the everyday hard to open objects.




Great for:

- Jam Jars

- Bottle Tops

- Kitchen Appliances

- House tasks




NEW:     Lollipop Float - The original product with the addition of a magnet.



Diameters: 6mm / 1/4" - 100mm / 4"





Bramley - Barley Sugar - Cherry - Blackcurrant - Blueberry




We can personalise colour choice to your order, from the strap to the handle. Take a look at our services page to find out more, or contact us.





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See Below for the video about our kitchen gadgets, including the Boa Lollipop.




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