Boa Tri Levels



The Boa Tri Levels are a world's first innovation. They are multi use spirit levels, with an accuracy of 0.5mm (0.029") to the meter.


The Tri Level allows you to measure, cut and break plasterboard in one easy motion as the stable base and 1.8mm profile is strong enough to take the pressure.




Applications include:

- Block Wall

- Ridge Tile

- Pipe Work

- Coping Stone

- Kerb Stone

- Cutting Edge

- Marking Edge

- Reversible





- 40cm / 16"

- 60cm / 24"

- 90cm / 36"

- 120cm / 48"

- 180cm / 72"




Heavy duty canvas bags are also available with all Tri Levels.



The Tri Level will allow you to mark and cut plasterboard and ply on the spot - including a unique handgrip, designed to keep the knife blade away from fingers.





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See below the video for our award winning Boa Tri Level




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