Boa Rotary Thread Repair (RTR)



The RTR is a brand new product by Boa. Another world's first, the RTR has a patented self aligning guide profile that allows you to easily repair the thread of any part within seconds.



The RTR uses the same vacuum brazed diamond technology as our Boa Diamond Drills and Holesaws, so you know that it's going to perform exceptionally.




Great For Repairing:

- Galvanised Steel Threads

- Stainless Steel Threads

- Carbon Steel Threads

- Brass Threads

- Plastic Threads




The RTR eliminates the requirement for expensive tap and die tools and thread ploughs, providing an efficient in situ solution.



It's one tool for all diameters, pitching down to 28 TPI (0.8 metric) and fitting a minimum 12.5mm / 1/2" hole. The RTR is perfect for external and internal threads.





- 39001

TR 60° - 10mm Head Diameter - 50mm Length - 4mm Shank

- 39002

TR 60° - 19mm Head Diameter - 50mm Length - 6.4mm Shank

- 39021

TR Pro 7 - Set of 3 x 19mm Head Diameter - A2 Shaft - 50 & 100mm Shank - 5pc

- 39041

TR Pro 218k - 100mm Head Diameter - 6.4mm Shank - 50mm Groove/Acme/Buttress






For more information on how to order with us, see our services page, or contact us.





See below the video for our Boa RTR





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