Boa Bottle Monkey


The Bottle Monkey is a great invention by Boa, another gadget to help you out at home. The Bottle Monkey helps you to pour large drinks bottles, with great ease, with its air return valve preventing spillage.




- The plastic bottle won't crush - the bottle is held securely by the neck, removing the need to hold the flexible bottle body


- Excellent seals and balanced design making it easy to use


- No glug - The air return pipe prevents glugging, giving a smooth pour all the way to the glass


- Re-sealable - the bottle monkey has a a screw top form, which means the cap of the bottle can go on top, sealing the bottle monkey on top for easy use





 Green - Amber - Pink - Aqua





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See below the video for our kitchen gadget range, featuring the Boa Bottle Monkey





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