Boa Bolt Extractors


This professional set of bolt extractors is like nothing you have ever used. These will quickly and safely remove all types of bolts and as with all the Boa products, the ease of the use will surprise you. This set will do exactly what you want, it fits deep sockets, quick change chunks and is efficient in time and performance.



Great for:

- Engineering

- Automotive

- Marine

- Aerospace



The product comes as a set of 4 bolt extractors:

- Drill-Out 1/4"

Bolt Size: 1/4" Bolt Shank Diameter: 6mm / 0.250"

- Drill-Out 5/16"

Bolt Size: 5/16" Bolt Shank Diameter: 8mm / 0.312"

- Drill-Out 3/8"

Bolt Size: 3/8" Bolt Shank Diameter: 10mm / 0.375"

- Drill-Out 1/2"

Bolt Size: 1/2" Bolt Shank Diamter: 12mm / 0.500"





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See the video below about our Boa Grabit





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